Tips to make you faster and able to run for longer!

A breath of fresh air : The correct breathing technique for running

breathing hardWe’ve all been there – that point when you’re breathing as fast as you can, your lungs are burning and you just can’t seem to get enough air – however that burning feeling in your lungs doesn’t have to be normal. Often it’s a result of a poor breathing technique, rather than running too fast. Here are some tips and exercises you can use to improve your breathing technique and make that burning feeling a thing of the past.

Threshold Training : Run Faster to Run Longer

threshold-training-run-sqThreshold training is an excellent way to train to increase your speed, your endurance and for races. It is also a great way to add variety to your workout and give you that ‘fast running’ feeling. Try adding some threshold training to your workout schedule today!

10 tips for keeping fit while travelling

rome-lost-in-rome-squareNext time you go on vacation try out these 10 tips for keeping fit while travelling and see how easy it is to fit in some exercise all the while increasing the experience of your destination. Plus, you’ll have earned that Gelato or that extra drink for a nightcap. Or both…

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