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Thursday Training Tip #9 : Carbo-loading for endurance

As I, and a few of my readers, are running a marathon this weekend I thought I would make this week’s Thursday Training Tip about carbo-loading. Despite what a lot of people think, and most of us hope, carbo-loading for endurance events like half and full marathons isn’t a licence to gorge on pasta, fizzy drinks and sugary cereal. Carbo-loading is an important part of race preparation, and should receive the same level of focus as your physical and mental preparation.


Now, before the food bit, a bit about your training. If you’re about to start your carbo-load and you’re still running, STOP RUNNING! Most people follow a taper plan before a marathon, but then bottle it in the last few days and think if they don’t run they’ll lose their edge. This is simply not true. The repair and fuelling of your muscles you will be able to achieve in the last few days will help to deliver you to the starting line in the best possible condition to race. Your marathon performance was already set about 3 weeks before the race, running lots up to the event will hinder, not help.

Here are 8 tips to help you get the most out of your carbo-loading:-

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