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#ParisMarathon Schneider Electric Training Box


In a really cool reach-out, Schneider Electric – main sponsors of the Marathon de Paris for 2014 (their second year) – sent me a StrideBox full of gear to help my run be more efficient. There were also a few inspirational messages – #ParisMarathon or bust! being my favourite – it has kind of summed up my unorthodox training to overcome injury and get to the start line…


Goodies include energy gels, energy bars, recovery drink mix and some other goodies to help my run go smoother.

Swag included in the box:

  • Honey Stinger Protein bar: for a between-run snack or for recovery
  • Hylands ‘Bioplasma Sport’ with Electrolytes: A powdered electrolyte supplement designed to be placed directly on the tongue or mixed with water
  • Lenny&Larrys Protein Brownie: gluten free and no artificial colours for snacking without guilt
  • Fluid Recovery Drink Mix: complex carbohydrates with protein and glutamine for muscle recovery and repair
  • Skin Strong Anti Chafing Cream: for those little problem areas that can cause big discomfort during a race
  • Gu Energy Electrolyte Brew: a slightly more tech mix with 2:1 complex-to-simple carbohydrates for energy and electrolyte replacement while on the run
  • Gu Enery Gel: Salted caramel flavour: a new one for Gu, and for me – so it might be the perfect counterpoint to the usually sickly sweet Gu gels.
  • Stash Sports Lace Locker: A handy Velcro based product which slips over your laces to lock them down onto the top of your shoe and prevent unintended stops to re-tie.


I must say, I was pretty stoked to receive all this stuff. I’ll certainly be using the Gu Gel and Lace Locker for the race, the rest I’ll use for recovery – I have a rule about not using new supplements on race day – but thanks to Schneider Electric I’m pretty well sorted for my recovery drinks and snacks now. One more thing ticked off the pre-race admin list. Sorted!

Pumped for Paris!  #XperienceSE  #ParisMarathon

Happy running everyone!

Get Going, Get Running!Disclaimer: Schneider Electric, the sponsor of Marathon de Paris 2014, provided this StrideBox to me free of charge, for my use and review.

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