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M minus 10 : Palma de Mallorca approaches

It’s been a while since my last post about running – work, friends, a niggling injury and an unfortunate death in the family have made me take time out from blogging – but that’s life!

Fortunately, it seems as if I have been able to manage my niggling shin issue enough that I’ve been able to complete my last two long runs at the planned distance, and not too much slower than forecast. Sure, some of the shorter runs have had to fall by the wayside in return for enforced rest to manage my injury, but being able to get through the long runs without too much hassle is encouraging.

I have been able to discern that my shin issue is aggravated by speed work, not necessarily mileage. It started with the British 10k London Run, and seemed to keep recurring after shorter runs. I then did a track session hoping that reduced mileage (albeit faster speed) on a softer surface would be ok for the shin. Nope. Worse. Much worse in fact.
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