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Marathon Training : A strange case of lack of pre-race nerves

I’ve got a marathon in 11 days. I’m not feeling anxious, there’s no nerves. The days are counting down but there isn’t a noticeable building of anxiety, fretting or fear of what’s coming.

Maybe it will come next week? At the moment I feel a (strange to me) calm.

Maybe it’s just the eye of the storm? Maybe next week will be a hurricane of mixed emotions – nerves, elation, fear of failure, giddy anticipation of the starting line.

I’m hoping not. I mean, I don’t want to go into the marathon like an ice man, that would indicate hubris and unbridled arrogance (and that I’m a bit of a d*#% – no-one gets to be arrogant going into a marathon). But, at the same time being a bundle of nerves, self-doubting and anxious isn’t the way to run well either. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Read the rest of this entry


Positive Running : Confidence and learning to ‘let go’


You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.

Rosalynn Carter

I’m sure the famous First Lady Mrs Carter was referring to something else entirely, but you can’t beat this quote when it comes to applying it to runners, be it beginners, racers or those ultra-runners out there!

For anyone, one of the most important aspects to achieving a positive relationship with your running is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your abilities.

But being confident is not easy and is often hard to attain, especially for beginners who haven’t gained confidence through their achievements.

However, I think that in running there is one, very easy way to build your confidence.

Just “let go!”

Stop caring about what everyone else is doing. Be confident in yourself on the basis of your training, be confident in the fact that you are not the best. Even on race day you are only racing yourself. Sure, the 3 people at the front are actually racing each other, but everyone else is like you – they are racing themselves, seeing how good they can be on the day.

How far or fast you run has nothing to do with how fast or far others run. If you can ‘let go’ then you can shed the mental weight of competing with others and begin to build confidence around your own running and your own achievements. With that confidence comes the ability to be tougher, to push yourself and to reach new heights and levels of enjoyment of your running!

So next time you are out running, don’t worry about the people you see jogging along looking effortless while in full flight, or streaming past you with apparent ease. Those people are just like you, they are out there racing themselves. 

Have the confidence not to be the best, and you will suddenly find that you are the best.

Positive Running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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