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The causes of the taper crazies (and how to get over them)

“It’s just Doctor f’ing Who!!!” I remonstrate with myself as the tears well in an ’emotional’ farewell scene between Amy Pond and the Doctor. Here’s the ‘big and tough’ marathon and ultra runner tearing up at a kids programme! Sheesh!

I’ve got the taper crazies. I’ve got them bad. So much worse than any other race. Mood swings (coupled with a heightened emotional state), phantom pains, bouts of nerves. The lot.

tapering-runner-warningWhat are the taper crazies, really? Basically a collection of psychological and physiological effects brought on by the rapid reduction in exercise level of the taper. And having the crazies can suck. Big time! So, what causes the taper crazies?

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A plan is coming together…

It would seem next years racing schedule is starting to take shape. Well, at least the first part of the year.

Two weeks ago I registered for the Benfleet 15, a 15mile trail race through the mud and snow of Kent, in the middle of January. I’m doing it as a ‘warm up’ for Ragnar Relay Florida, though it’ll be anything but warm!

I also received news last week that I was lucky enough to get a London Marathon charity place through my work, raising money for Shelter, one of our nominated charities. I’ve wanted to run London for years, but never got through the ballot, so I’m pretty stoked to have been given a charity place. It’s a lot of money to raise but its for a very good cause so I’m sure I’ll get there.

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