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Cross training : A vital part of your training. But try not to fall over…

Cross training – doing other exercises that are complimentary to running – is usually accepted as a good idea, and a valuable part of your training.

Except when this happens…

An image showing 2 angles of a right ankle sprain with lateral ligament complex

Swelling and minor bruising to right ankle

Cause – A stumble on an uneven Aussie rules football pitch.

Result – a sprained ankle and probably a week off running.

This isn’t a mopey article however. I am a firm believer in cross training and the benefits it can have for your running. I know I am probably going to miss a week or so of running, but the cardio fitness and stamina I have gained from training and playing Aussie rules still outweighs the negative of a week off running.

Anyway, I could have tripped over while jogging and done as much damage – sometime stuff just happens!

The main point of this post is that the important thing is not the injury itself (as I said, stuff happens), but managing the injury properly in order to minimise the time off exercise.

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