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Exercising when there’s no time : Or, Why am I at work this late?!?

Killer day. Stupid work. Expletives!

8.30am meeting to start the day, walked out of the office at 11.02pm. My mind is so mushy right now I’m struggling to decide if that is 14 1/2 or 15 1/2 hours. No, 14 1/2 hours.

Bleurgh. I’m writing this post on my phone in the taxi home.

I feel like opening the front door when I get home and just passing out on the doormat. But, I will exercise tonight.

I will!

I wrote it here, and knowing you will all read it keeps me honest!

So, here’s the plan…
– Get home
– Kiss girlfriend on cheek as she slumbers
– Change into shorts and t-shirt
– Turn on TV
– 1 set of ankle strength exercises
– 1 set of 20 squats
– 1 set of 20 Bulgarian squats
– 1 set of 20 Lunges
– Turn off TV
– Brush teeth
– Sleep
– Wake up, reset and reload for another day
– Crush my 8.30am client meeting
– End the week on a high

Or something like that…

See! There’s always time for exercise if you make time for it.

Happy running (or squatting) everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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