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Get Running: Why another blog for runners?

I guess some people are probably wondering why I started this site about running?

I’m not a writer – though my GF constantly says I’m never short for words!

I’m not an elite athlete – you can take away the ‘elite‘ and even ‘athlete‘ is still stretching the truth!

I’m not an expert – I’m not a physio, a coach or a sports scientist. I’m just a guy who has loved running for some 25 years now, and is still a novice racer. What I am though is someone who has learnt a lot along the way, often through trial and error, and I am hoping that I can help people new to the sport or other novice racers like myself learn to love running, and keep it that way.

And before you ask;

I’m not doing it to make money – you may in the future find links around the site which are paid, but the aim of this site is to share my experiences of running, what gets me going and gets me running, and the tips and tricks I use to keep me running.. Any links which I provide in the site will be to relevant items that I am happy to endorse myself, most of them unpaid. I will always try to make any paid links as explicit as possible because, at the end of the day, if I break your trust by swamping you with useless links or dodgy adverts then you will stop reading. And a blog without an audience is a pretty useless endeavour indeed.

So, if I’m not a writer, an athlete or an expert, how did the idea get into my head to write about running?

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Get Going, Get Running!

This site is for people who want to become a runner for any reason, those who are already runners and for those novice racers amongst us.

One thing this site certainly isn’t about is a diary of my running. Who would want to read about that?!? Suffice to say my running is generally long, and slow. Kind of like a Lord of the Rings movie, but without the fight scenes and certainly no magic…

Instead, this site is about the things I love about running, and the things which get me going and get me running, even though my running is never going to result in me standing on a podium.

I hope you enjoy the information and posts that I put up, and if I’m really lucky you’ll think the information is good enough to subscribe or share my content to your friends.

Thanks for reading!

Get Going, Get Running!

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