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Running Gear : 2XU Calf Guards review part 2

The other day I posted a review about 2XU Calf Guards, and the initial impression they made on me.

I have now done a long run in them (a 26km TLT session) and wanted to top-and-tail my review to take into account for my experiences of them during, and after a long distance run.

Generally speaking the same feeling I described in my first review of a ‘warm, snug, squeeze’ was present for the whole run, along with the delay in onset of muscle pain in my calf muscles, particularly in relation to my quads, hamstrings and hip flexors.

As in my previous run, I kept the 2XU calf guards on for an hour or so after the run to see what the recovery was like. It is in recovery that I think these calf guards make the most difference. As anyone who runs knows, hard runs always result in a bit of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). My TLT session was a hard run, and I was feeling it yesterday. Today, some 48 hours after my run was the worst stiffness and soreness, however my calf muscles were largely pain free!

Overall, I am very impressed with how much of a difference they make both during a run and afterwards. I’m not sure they would help you go faster, but I’m confident they help you go longer and with less time for recovery after long runs.

I will certainly be continuing my use of my 2XU calf guards, particularly on my long runs and races!

Do you use calf guards or other compression gear? What have been your results with them?

Happy running everyone!

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