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Gear review : ASICS Gel-FujiElite trail racer

Slurp, squelch, slide…fall. Bugger. It’s muddy out on the trails at the moment and even the hard packed gravel trails have become impassable for my road shoes. Time to get some trail shoes!

ASICS UK came to my rescue and sent me a media sample of the ASICS Gel-FujiElite trail racers to test and review. The FujiElite is a new release and is part of their ‘speed’ range of shoes featuring a racing last. I’ve now done over 100km in them, ranging from 5km races at my local Parkrun to 20+km training runs and have found them to be much more multipurpose than just the ‘racing’ tag-line they are marketed with.


A low drop (6mm) racing shoe for trail, with a host of features made for trail

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Running recap, and : Still learning from my mistakes…

Life has been hectic lately, but I’m still getting some running in. It doesn’t resemble my marathon training plan that much, but at least I’m still running. More than I’ve been blogging at any rate…

Another thing I’ve noted is that I’m still learning. Unfortunately, largely through making mistakes…
Since my last post I’ve managed to keep up my ‘two-for-Tuesday‘ workout of hard run (usually hill sprints) followed by Yoga. I really like this combo – a hard run after my rest day, followed by an hour of enforced stretching and core work. I’m the first to admit it, I don’t stretch or do enough core work, so yoga is a good way for me to get in a flexibility and core workout.

Mental note #1: Stretch more. Like everyday, not just after a run.

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