Injuries & Recovery


This page is still ‘Getting Going’, so there are more injuries and their recovery methods to come!

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  1. Hi Bernie ; I’ve just read your recent injury blog. I’ve been out for 3 weeks with a minor LCL knee injury that feels fine to walk / job=g on but that niggles after about a mile of proper running. Any ideas how long it might take if you’ve had one before?! Getting restless!

    • Hi Barnaby, sorry to hear that. I’ve never done an LCL before, but I know people who have. It’s a pretty common footballer’s injury from getting a knock on the inside leg during tackles, or from aggressive changes in direction where force is put on the outside if the knee. However you did it, if you’re able to walk and can fully straighten and bend the knee to 90 degrees then hopefully it’s only a Grade 1 strain and recovery quick. Have you seen a physio about it? If only to rule out ITBS, as this often niggles in a similar area. Recovery wise I’d be hesitant to prescribe anything not knowing exactly what state you’re in. If it’s and LCL then most of the time rehab is about strengthening around the knee through hamstring and quad exercises moving into squats, box step ups and then agility work, but a physio will give you a proper assessment and treatment plan. If I recall, you live out West? If so, I can recommend ‘Sports Dimensions’ in Stamford Brook – they are specialists in running rehab and training.
      Hope it clears up quickly for you!

  2. I’ve found that Achilles pains are often helped by softening up a tight calf
    – leaflet from the reputable arthritis research council here:

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