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Marathon de Paris : R minus 10

And the unorthodox training continues…

But this time in a good way.

It’s 10 days to go to Marathon de Paris and it is ‘metronome week’ for me, but yesterday’s workout was a little different in that it was broken into three parts – football training sandwiched between two marathon-pace efforts.

The first block was 7.5km at marathon pace, however I was speeding (again) in some sections. I need to get that under control by being more focussed on my pace and not accelerating even if the pace feels easy. It’s meant to feel easy in the early stages, so it doesn’t become impossible to keep up in the latter stages!

The second block was football training which started with 2x400m sprints and then drills. I find football training a really good ‘cross train’ for distance running because of the Fartlek nature of the training. The short sprints build power, the turning and changing acceleration builds stability and keeps your ankles and knees strong, and because Aussie Rules is a contact sport there is a large core strength component to it. While the session covered close to 5km, it was over more than an hour so as a ‘run’ it wasn’t too hard.

The third block was the run home from training and again was at marathon pace, with a ‘fast finish’ kilometre before the last mile cool-down. It went a bit awry in kilometre four because of the combination of a steep, long hill and the fatigue from the first two sessions, but after that slow kilometre I was able to get it together for the ‘fast finish’ with a kilometre at something close to 10k pace.

Overall a good, but slightly tiring session. I only have two 5km runs left this week, then a final ‘long run’ on Sunday of about 13km and then it’s The Final Coutdown. Daahhhh, da duh duh duh…dah daahhhh daahhhh…dadadahhh…



Finally something that isn’t about Marathon de Paris!

All I seem to be talking about lately is Marathon de Paris, even I’m getting sick of it. So here’s something else!

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before but I’m taking part in the Around the World Running Blog Relay organised by Kyla over at Early Bird Fitness (you may know her from her old site ‘Motivation’), so with the above runs that makes 24.3km this week so far for #ATWRBR2014 with a current total of 155.1km for March. If you are interested in taking part, drop past her site and follow the link to register. Last week we managed a massive 1397.52km together – read about it here.




I’m also taking part in the Virtual Running UK Blog Hop, organised by Kirsten at Virtual Running. This is a virtual 5k race where you enter a ‘race’ by providing proof (via screen shot or garmin link) of your 5k run, plus the ‘hop’ bit is you post about your previous month’s run on the first Saturday of the next month. I’ve chosen my 5k run for the month already (astute readers may know which one I chose), but I’ll have to wait until the first Saturday of the month to ‘hop’ about it…


That’s it for today. Time to go lace up…


Happy running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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