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Gear Review : Nike Aeroloft 800 running jacket

Well, in the UK it looks like winter has finally hit, with icy temperatures, arctic winds and those frigid days that follow clear nights.

Perfect timing then, as I was the lucky recipient of a Nike Aeroloft 800 running jacket for Christmas.

Light as a feather…

Light as a feather…

First off, it’s not actually a jacket. It doesn’t have sleeves or a hood. It’s designed as a ‘cool-weather’ layer for your core, and can be worn as an outer-layer in it’s own right, or under a shell jacket for when the conditions are really nasty. Also, the name sounds all ‘space-age’ but really its pretty simple – the jacket gets its name from the 800-fill ‘high lift’ goose down that is also responsible for giving the jacket it’s distinctive baffle look.

It’s also why it is so expensive. According to this article from Wikipedia, goose-down which has a ‘loft-rating’ higher than 750 is harvested BY HAND  from the natural moulting of geese kept for breeding, rather than as a by-product from geese raised for commercial purposes. I guess you get what you pay for…

I’ve done a full review under my ‘Gear’ page, (follow this link), so below I’ve just summarised the key points: Read the rest of this entry

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