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London Marathon Race Recap

On April 26th I completed the 35th anniversary London Marathon. It was a fantastic race, the weather was perfect for racing and the crowd support was massive. Course organisation was excellent, aid stations frequent and the brilliant move of having three starting points that merged together once everyone was strung out meant it was easy to get up to race pace.

Still time for a cheesy grin (or happy grimace…)

I have to say it was the most enjoyable marathon I’ve ever participated in. I’m also very happy to report that I managed a new personal best of 3:38, a time I’m very happy with and no doubt earned off the back of perfect weather and significant crowd support the whole way around the course.
Serious run face...

Very happy with the race, even when wearing Serious Run Face…

In fact, Awesome Girlfriend decided it was such a good day and that all the runners were so inspiring that she wants to run it next year. Yes, our ballot entries are already in!
Bling was awesome too. Like a dinner plate...

Bling was awesome too. Like a dinner plate…

Next up is Hackney Half Marathon…
Happy running everyone!

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