Mud. Glorious mud.

Like the oft quoted “Eskimos have 52 different words for snow”, I think that the people from the Benfleet Running Club, let’s call them ‘Benfleetians’, might have a similar number for mud.


Last Sunday I ran the Benfleet 15 and I experienced more mud, and different types of mud, than I ever have before. There was sandy mud, clayey mud, silty mud, watery mud (very different to muddy water of which there was also lots), gravelly mud, muddy gravel, rocky mud, slippery mud (the kind that prevents you going uphill), slidey mud (the kind that leaves you sliding sideways down a hill), grassy mud, sticky mud, slurpy mud, shoe-sucking mud, and best of all, muddy mud – that kind of mud that sticks to anything it touches but also soaks through the smallest gaps to fill all the space between your toes. It was mudding awesome! 15 miles of mud-infused hilly trail running overlooking the Thames estuary. What’s not to like?


It felt great to be racing again, and importantly I finished in pretty good shape. It was a slow and steady race (‘turtle’ being my new nickname), however only having what I would term ‘normal’ soreness afterwards is a big mental boost, showing me that my calf is healed and that with sensible increases in training volume, maintenance of my stretch and strength routine and some good old fashioned healthy eating and rest, I should be OK for Ragnar in two weeks.

Muddy happy!

Muddy happy!

Two. Weeks. Until. Ragnar. Gulp…

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Looks like a grand time! Sometimes it’s fun to get good and muddy on the trails, as long as your shoes have good tread.

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