Good signs

Last night I completed the longest run since my injury – 12km – and the signs were all good. I ran along the canal towpath near my house, and the courtesy markings were a timely reminder for me and my running.


These courtesy signs are marked at every bridge crossing or tight spot to warn runners and cyclists of a possible conflict around the corner, but I used them as a constant reminder to slow down. Slow works. Slow is good. Slow is best.


Right now my running is about recovery and rebuilding my base, mileage and strength is more important than speed. I’ll focus on speed once I’m fully fit and can take the strain of harder workouts. So for now my pace is slow and easy.


I felt pretty good during the run, but I definitely noticed my loss of conditioning. Running to heart rate to keep myself at the bottom of my aerobic zone, I was averaging a pace slower than my average pace during my 50k ultra. For me, that’s sllooooww. But that’s ok. I’d rather finish the run then be saying “my pace was really good, until I strained my calf again”…

As the signs are good, I’m now feeling 60/40 for running the Benfleet 15 on Sunday. I have a physio appointment today so I’ll see what they say about my calf. Maybe I’ll upgrade on 60/40. Fingers crossed!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Congrats on your successful run! It’s definitely better than no running! 🙂

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