Bernie returns…

Well I’m back. I think. I’ve had a long break from the blog, a winter vacation after Christmas, and I’ve also returned from injury!


On the weekend I did two runs. First off was a 5k easy jog to test the calf as part of my run/swim combo. It all went well, with no soreness at the strain site. Everywhere else though – rubbish! As my first run since being injured (and recovering from a bout of bronchitis) it was quite slow, however I really noticed how much of my conditioning I have lost in 4 weeks. Even with some bike riding, swimming and a week’s hard skiing in the Alps to try and keep up the fitness it’s just not the same as running…

On Sunday I had bit of soreness but nothing too bad, so after some stretching and calf raises to test the injury I decided I could do my planned 10k. I took it easy and ran it like a LSD run. I’ve had to learn the hard way over the years how important it is to come back slowly, so I’m making sure to take it easy this time around. Re-injuring my calf by trying to eke out a few seconds of pace would be to repeat previous mistakes stupid. I have a race on Sunday, the Benfleet 15, however I’m only 51/49 for running at this point. I always planned to take this race pretty easy, but even going easy it’ll be a serious test. I need to get a couple more runs under the belt this week before deciding if I’ll race on Sunday. Here’s hoping the calf is good to go!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Hey Bernie! Nice to see you back running again. Here’s to a strong recovery! 🙂

  2. I love how we all try and convince ourselves a skiing holiday counts as fitness training…..I do it!!! Glad to hear the injury is on the mend and that you are erring on the side of caution.

    • True! It’s the apres ski that kills it!
      I did track my tuns with GPS and on the big days (20+miles of runs) it did equate in terms of Running Training Stress Score to doing a 10k. My legs felt like I’d run further than that though…

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