After the Mudd…

I felt like I slept in the washing machine, but who knew Obstacle Course Races could be so much fun?!? I certainly didn’t.

12+ miles, mud, freezing water, 26 obstacles, more mud, electric shocks, electricity and mud combined. It all sounded like a *really* hard way to not even run a half marathon. But it was loads of fun. Running in a team was part of it, but also the camaraderie with other runners at each obstacle. Being helped and helping others through/under/over obstacles comes with a gift and receipt of kudos that you don’t get in road races.


I’ll certainly be looking to enter tough Mudder again next year. Maybe with a double Mudd challenge – two times around the course in a day. Marathon distance obstacle course, sounds doable, right? Or idiotic…

Onwards to other things, I’ve been getting my running mojo back lately. After a long year of running and ‘life’, the last couple of easy months were a welcome break and I now feel like I’m ready to start busting out the miles again. Which is a good thing considering I’m only 12 weeks out from Ragnar Relay Florida. I booked flights and the hotel last night so it’s totally, undeniably real now. Six people. 200 miles. What’s not to love? Gulp!


I also need to sort out next years racing schedule. I’m planning on doing an ultra -marathon in autumn so I need to spend some serious time planning my racing and training strategy so I can get to the ultra-marathon in good shape. Doing a marathon as a training run still doesn’t quite compute for me that is for sure!

Who else is planning next years running adventures already?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I wish I have the same energy, motivation, commitment as you do. Best wishes.

  2. Ragnar Florida, is this in Florida USA?

  3. When you’re in Florida, try to visit Uncle Wolf and Frauke – they’re in Newport News, Virginia.

  4. Bernie, your Mum is so cool. She comments on your blog . My mum tells me she reads my blog but haven’t ever had a comment from her. What’s to be embarrassed about…..of course you’ll visit Uncle Wolf and Frauke.

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