To Mudd or not to Mudd?

That is the question…

Well, ‘was’ the question when I was asked last week to fill in for a friend who had suddenly been sent on a work trip to China. Despite having not trained specifically for it, and only having two weeks notice, I chose to Mudd. I mean, why not?

How awesome I think I'm going to be...

How awesome I think I’m going to be…

I figure I’ve got enough residual fitness from my ultra and my return to base running, plus some upper body strength from pushups, pullups and burpees to get me through 12miles of obstacle course race. He says without actually having done an OCR before, let alone a Tough Mudder which is almost half-marathon in distance…

What I'm more likely to be...

What I’m more likely to be…

I may well end up eating my words alongside all the mud I’ll be ingesting come this Saturday, but hey, you don’t know what you can do unless you try, right?!?

Anyone got any tips for an OCR newbie?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Hope it went well and you had some fun! I’ve done a bunch of mud runs – I try to just have fun with them. My buddy does the 24 hour Tough Mudder. He’s crazy.

  2. ooo mud! We work in so much of it in the winter that I have complete aversion to those mud runs BUT total respect for those who do them. All the best Bernie, but please keep your mouth closed…it’s not good for you to eat! 🙂

  3. all the best on another crazy venture! Mum

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