Thames Path Challenge – 72 hours to go!

“Daahhhh, da duh duh duh…dah daahhhh daahhhh…dadadahhh…”


I’ve used that joke before but I figured the oldies are always the best…

72 hours until the Thames Path Challenge 50k and I’ve just finished my last run. It was a very slow, easy 5km ‘dress rehearsal’. I had my backpack loaded up with everything I’ll be carrying, plus wore all my race clothing, shoes, chosen socks, hat, gloves and head torch just to check it was all good and there were no surprises.


Going into Saturday I’ll be stretching loads to make sure my troublesome glute and ITB are as loose as possible, and along with eating well, making sure I’m hydrating right. And getting lots of sleep. With a 10pm kickoff (it’s a night race after all), I’m going to need as much in reserve as possible.

All I have left now is my favourite part of the taper – the carbo-load. Did someone say pasta feast? No sorry, you said chicken and rice. Also good…

Mentally, I’m feeling pretty relaxed. More than I have a right to be, to be honest. I think it comes from the fluffed build-up. While there is some trepidation about the distance and my lack of conditioning, I have no real performance related anxiety because, well, I’m only aiming to get through it. There is no focus on a time goal which, when you’re splitting minutes, can lead to fretting. Instead I know that I just need to run easy, watch my heart rate, and get through the distance. That and being completely happy with taking walk breaks to get through it!

Is anyone else in their taper at the moment? Big thumbs up to anyone else who’s racing this weekend!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Will be cheering you on from here Bernie. Have a really great race!!!

  2. Fingers crossed for a fabulous race! Looking forward to reading about it!

  3. Good luck on Saturday Bernie. Having no time pressure will be liberating! Enjoy it.

  4. Good luck Bernie. I’m sure you will have an awesome run, no matter how fast or slow!!!

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