It’s been a while…

Where do I start? I guess with the fact that I’ve stopped running. Again. A hamstring strain from an Aussie Rules football game has taken me off the pavement for the last week and a half, with probably another week and half to go. Ho hum, but that’s the way life goes! It’s not the first time I’ve been injured and I’ve always bounced back before.

Right now I just need to focus on rehabilitation (I really, really hate dry needling) and rebuilding strength. Funnily enough the underlying cause is my weak glute. Again. So back to some focussed exercises to strengthen my glute while stretching out my overly tight hamstring. Lower back tightness is also an issue. Basically I’m a bio-mechanical mess at the moment! Luckily my physio is on the case (and not afraid to make me whimper in pain) so I’m hoping for a good recovery and, with enough ‘maintenance’ physio, to get through the rest of the football season and finals without any more damage.

Unfortunately for your readers, it hasn't been that long...

Unfortunately for you readers, it hasn’t been that long…

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Some of you might be wondering why I still play Aussie rules football when it’s causing me injuries and stopping me running? A senior player at my club once gave me the advice “you don’t get your footy seasons back”. At the time I saw it as one of those throw-away comments, but I’ve come to realise that there are a lot of things in life you can only do when you’re younger. I figure you may as well do them while I can. Sure, football may be hampering my running at the moment, but my footy ‘career’ is well and truly in its twilight, but I know I’ve got many years of fulfilling running in front of me.

That said, I’ve come to realise that at 35-years young, Aussie Rules is too much of a young man’s game to mix with endurance running (even slow walking at times) and it might be time to hang up the boots. I’ll need to figure out my priorities I guess. I love Aussie rules, the challenge of the game, the competitive environment, the camaraderie and the fitness benefits all add up to something I’m loathe to give up. The flip side is that the physicality of the game just breaks you down, and as I get older I struggle to get through a season. Some Sundays I wake up feeling like a slept in a tumble dryer, and that’s the times I don’t get injured! Hardly conducive to maintaining a running schedule, making it tough to prepare for endurance races. It’s not like I have a 50km over-night run in 10 weeks or anything…

Has anyone else had to make a decision like this? When’s the right time to stop doing something you love?

How can you tell when you can’t keep it up anymore or that you need to let other priorities takes over?


Happy running everyone!


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  1. I guess we have to make choices based on our priorities. I don’t really have any advice. I’m on the mend from an injury and it was a tough decision to DNS a half marathon this morning. But now that the race is over, I’m not regretting my decision because I will still get to train for my marathon in the fall instead of delaying my training due to pain. Ideally, I guess, we never have to make those choices but that’s not life.

    • You’re right, life doesn’t work like that. And being honest, I’m grateful some of the ‘tough’ decisions I need to make in life are about giving up a sport I love. Talk about first world problems!
      Hope your training for your big race goes well.

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