Writing a running blog when you’re not running?

I honestly don’t know how Tom from 278toBoston did it. The whole keeping up a running blog when you aren’t running business that is. Despite not really running while getting over an injury, Tom kept up his daily posting, and did it in style. I just seem to have closed my WordPress and left it alone…

I just checked my GarminConnect and the last run I did that wasn’t part of sport was the 30th of April. The 30th of April! I can’t remember the last time I went almost four weeks without a run! That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been working a big indent into my couch, I have been on the bike, training for football, playing football, along with trying my hand at a new sport – tag rugby – with the team at my new job. But no running…

I guess if I have to admit it, I’ve lost my mojo a bit at the moment. I’m keeping fit through other activities, but the ‘urge’ to go running just isn’t there. Even if I wasn’t still recovering from an ankle sprain I’d still not be running. The fact I need to heavily strap my ankle to run isn’t really an excuse. I mean, I’m doing it for tag rugby and for footy training, so I could do it to go running…

Anyway, I’ll need to get back on the horse soon. Training for the Thames Path Challenge 50k is due to start (i.e. should have started), so I will need to start lacing up soon. But, in order to prolong the procrastination, I have ordered a new running backpack so I can start to run to/from work and get used to running with a pack for the race. Hopefully a new toy will motivate me to lace up and get back out there, but until then I’m just hoping that my mojo will return soon and my fitness will have kept up thanks to my other sports.

How do you get through a running slump and get back out the other side? Maybe you can give me a hint so I feel like lacing up and crunching some miles?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I know what you mean…after I finished the Dopey Challenge, I didn’t have a daily workout to write about, so I had to dig deeper. Then I hurt myself and fell off the running wagon. After I got better, I tried to get back into the routine. I found it really helped to have a goal – even a 5k race.

  2. I appreciate your honesty. For me I really have to mix it up. I bought a bike and I’m really loving that change right now. I ran a lot of races last year, but I’ll be honest I get tired of the same ole thing. I’m focusing on biathlon and triathlon right now and I’m excited. It will incorporate everything.

    • Variety is the spice of life. Maybe part of not running is that I’m enjoying doing my other sports instead, meaning I don’t need the ‘intangibles’ from running as I’m getting them elsewhere?

  3. I need a race to keep me going. The new backpack should do the trick for you. It’s hard to just keep training for a better time. We crave variety in our lives. Good luck!

  4. Hope the ankle gets better soon – take a look at your race bling and know that the collection just isn’t complete yet…then get going and get running hehe 🙂

  5. I don’t know…. After my groin injury in late winter I didn’t run for about a month and it was killing me! If it were the summertime I’d be doing laps in my aunt’s pool (I have an arm/leg lap routine). Good luck–I’m sure you’ll get through this.

  6. Having signed up for an event definitely helps, but when I hit a running slump I usually just embrace it and make a decision not to run for a week. Then I stop worrying about it which, in a strange kind of way, makes it easier to get going again the following week. Hope you get your mojo back soon. 🙂

    • Cheers. I think that maybe my other sports have been delaying me wanting to get into running again because I’m busy doing other stuff that gives me the ‘fitness’ and ‘mental’ sides of running.

  7. Wow, do I feel badly now… I have been out – semi hurt and semi on vacation the past week. My blog has suffered for it. Now I read your post and… Anyway, thanks Bernie for the shout out and making me realize I need to keep writing. I do know the feeling now though. 🙂 I hope you are back and at it soon!!!!!

    • Haha. Sorry tom it wasn’t meant to be a push. I was referring to that time post-marathon where your hip was playing up and stopping you from running but you still posted pretty much every day. Hope you’re fully fit soon as well.

  8. I’m coming back after a break right now and finding it harder than I thought. But I’m coming back no matter what. Check out my post below.


    • Hey that’s great to hear. I checked out your post. You’re doing the right thing easing back into it. Get your frequency back before you increase distance is the best way to do it. All the best and hope your thesis went well too!

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