‘No rest for the wicked’

No rest for the weary, more like…

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post and I must apologise for dropping off the radar like that. After Paris it has been pretty hectic and I’ve had little time for running and no time for blogging. Over Easter was a trip to the Isle of Skye, last weekend was a wedding in Sussex and I’ve sandwiched two work trips to Italy in between as well. I’m forgetting what it feels like to sleep in my own bed. No rest for the weary, indeed.

As you can imagine, my running has been a bit curtailed however I have managed to lace up a couple of times. The Isle of Skye was mainly hiking type activities, but I did go for a trail run on a cross-country mountain bike trail close to our B&B that afforded some really nice forest in parts and sweeping views in others.


How could you not want to run that?

I missed having my ASICS Fuji Elite trail shoes though – my road shoes were pretty rubbish on the scree and over the obstacles. Other than running and hiking, the Isle of Skye was definitely about food. So many good restaurants and the local seafood was oh, so, good. One restaurant had only taken delivery of the mussels and langoustines from the docks three hours before we arrived. Talk about fresh!


Views from the summit of Cnoc a’ Mhadaidh-ruaidh overlooking the island and Raasay all the way to the Cuillin mountains

Anyway, I digress. This is a running blog, not ‘Bernie’s culinary bingeing around Europe’

This week I’ve managed some more structure to my training. Sunday was a strength session where I went pretty hard on my glutes and lower back. Throw in some planks and upper body work and I had some proper DOMS to show for it.


Kyleakin Harbour at the start of my run

Monday night was a 5km hard run, though the pace was a bit off due to the fatigue in the glutes and hamstrings. It felt good to go for a bit of a blast though, even if it was slower than usual. Not every run can be a good one, however.



Loch Coruisk

Tuesday I rested (another trip to Italy) but this morning I managed a run along the coast of Forte dei Marmi. I started out slow along the beach, going easy (because I found the going tough), but cranked up the speed towards the end of the run as I returned along the coast road. It wasn’t a great run by any means, but still, it’s not a bad way to start the day! It also added some much needed mileage to my tally for the #ATWRBR, I’ll admit I’ve been a bit of a slacker after Paris…


Forte dei Marmi. Not a bad place for a morning run…

In other news, my running buddy Mark and I have signed up for the Ragnar Relay in Florida for February ’15. This is a team relay event of 200-ish miles, and there are six of us all doing an ultra (in stages) non-stop through day and night to finish. I’m not sure what I’ve signed myself up for, but it will epic so how could I say no?!?

The Thames Path Challenge 50km night race I’m doing in September just got bumped from ‘goal’ to ‘training’ though. Gulp…

Anyone else get the “What have I signed myself up for?!?” feeling when taking on new challenges?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Wow Bernie! You have done smazing races ahead of you. I don’t think I would be brave enough to even sign up for them, let alone run them. :). Good luck!!!

    • Haha, thanks Tom. I’m feeling like ‘long and slow’ is becoming my thing – the quest for speed is diminishing as I take on these longer distances. I wouldn’t do them either if I was shooting for Boston, the extra distances limit the speed training you can do so while the marathons become ‘easier’ they don’t necessarily become any faster.

  2. Great photos. A 50km training run….wowsers! It all sounds exciting, all the best!

  3. It’s ok to have a little downtime after a marathon, I think. Not just ok, but healthy too! I love the Isle of Skye so much, and would love to go back there for more running. Having said that, I ran on the Isles of Bute and Arran this weekend, which were amazing, too! The 50km race and ultra relay should be lots of fun – can’t wait to hear about how you get on with them – best of luck! 😀 My first 55 mile ultra is now only 8 weeks away, and yes, I’m freaking out a little here and there!

    • 8 weeks! I’m sure you’ll be prepared for it, though can’t blame you for a little trepidation here and there! Any time we go outside our comfort zone it is challenging. I’m looking forward to the recap!

  4. I am jealous of your trip to Skye. I used to sail there about 20 years ago. Breathtaking scenery, fab food and the local single malt, Talisker…..delicious. well done on entering the ultra relay. Quite a challenge.

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