Marathon de Paris : the aftermath

Ok, *way* to foreboding a title. The ‘aftermath’ of Paris was really not that bad. While I was stiff, I was in pretty good shape and could walk without trouble. My glutes and hamstrings which were quite painful after the race had settled down completely, it was really just my quads that were pretty sore, making going down stairs and sitting down an exercise in controlled falling…

Monday in Paris was spent seeing off Mark and his Lovely Fiancée, doing lots some sightseeing, and a bit lot of eating, most of which was conducted on a walking food tour of the St Germain district. If you’re in Paris, marathon or not, I can recommend the Paris by Mouth walking tour.

On the tour we had a fantastic guide, and also met a lovely couple Chuck and Lisa who had also come for the marathon. It turned out to be Chuck’s twelfth marathon! Amazing effort. Naturally our discussion turned to the race and it turned out we’d had similar experiences with water stations, the cobbles and ‘the tunnel’ but overall had found the race very enjoyable. We also found the cheese, charcuterie and wine on the walking tour much to our liking as well…

Running wise I took the WHOLE week after the marathon off. I loved it. I admit it. Not ‘having’ to run was a bit of a treat, and I didn’t run until Saturday when I did a shakedown run to see how everything was. I did a slow half-mile then built up to a bit slower than marathon pace for the rest of the two mile run, followed with 5x100m strides at a bit slower than 800m pace to test the muscles and joints. Overall I was happy with how I felt, no injuries as such and the strides felt pretty comfortable. So I signed myself off ‘fit’ to play Aussie rules on Sunday, and (un)surprisingly found myself much more bruised and battered from the game than the marathon.

Last night I hit the gym for the first big strength session of the year. I didn’t go too heavy on the weight, but by doing super-sets I was able to give myself a good dose of DOMS today. I’m walking worse than after the marathon 😉

Going forwards, the plan is to go easy on the running for at least the next month and instead focus on strength training to resolve my glute weakness/activation issues. While certainly my glute strength/activation is a lot better than it was at the end of last year when I got my calf injury, my right hand side is still weaker and not firing correctly, which is the cause of the tendinitis problems I had before the marathon.

So it’s time for more gym action for me. But not today. Today I feel like I slept in a washing machine and, as it’s sunny, a beer on the Thames riverside is in order!

Anyone else looking to ‘reset and reload’ after their spring racing in preparation for autumn’s races?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I havn’t registered for many races after Boston. I do have my eye on a marathon 6/15 that runs from Maine to New Brunswick and back.
    I like to race all summer so I will definately do atleast a few halfs nad maybe a marathon this summer.

    • Sounds good. I don’t get to race in the summer because of my Aussie rules. The training for that and physical impact of the games precludes any distance running, and the day after games is definitely a rest day.
      All the best for Boston! Sounds to me like you’re pretty well sorted for it. Have a top race and I’m looking forward to your race recap.

  2. Ha, the title’s not so bad. I could’ve been the “afterbirth” haha! I do like to take some time off and recharge after a marathon. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you deserve a well-earned rest after all that, and a beer by the Thames sounds just the ticket. Enjoy! 🙂

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