An early morning run surprise

Finally, my first early run without my headlamp. It feels like ages since I’ve run in the morning without my headlamp, but with the arrival of Spring the mornings are getting lighter, and I was treated to an awesome sunrise during my run.

This run was a 10km ‘no-plan’ run. This week was scheduled to be easy after Sundays half marathon, so I just took the run as it came, starting off slowly and weaving through Hampstead Heath enjoying the sunrise.

I noticed on the turn for home that my heart rate was lower than usual and that I could push a bit more than expecting. A lot more, even. Enough that I now have a new fastest km and fastest mile record in my Garmin.

All I can assume is that the half marathon race boosted my fitness and the good rest this week has meant my body could take advantage and just go faster. Certainly it’s unusual for me to set a new km record as part of a 10k run rather than in, say, a 1km repeats session. Or maybe I’ve been under achieving in my repeat sessions…

Whatever the reason, it seems my speeds are increasing at the moment from what they were a year ago. I thank the extra hill work and speedwork I’ve done in the last four months at the suggestion of my running rehabilitation trainer.

I feel stronger when running, and my fitness seems improved, both good things with a marathon due in under five weeks. However, I do need to watch my hip and hamstring which are bit niggly following the silverstone half, and make sure I keep improving without overtraining. It’s only three and a bit weeks of hard training left before I start the taper. Gulp…

This weekend I’m off to Bordeaux with my Aussie rules footy team to play in a pre-season round-robin event against Bordeaux and Toulouse. I’m taking my trainers so I can go for a run around the old town on Sunday morning, but that will all depend on how I pull up after the games on Saturday. It’s the first of the season so I may just resemble someone who slept in a washing machine and be so bruised and sore as to be unable to run. In which case I will have to sample to the local wine, which I’m given to understand is rather good…

Happy running everyone!


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  1. That is one beautiful sunrise. Enjoy your weekend in Bordeaux.

  2. Great photos. Enjoy Bordeaux!

  3. Gorgeous pics!

  4. What a lovely sunrise! I have grown to enjoy running before work in the mornings here and there, but unlike you, I’m absolutely not capable of any hard efforts at this time. For me, it’s more of a case of hyperactive sleepwalking or so. 😉 I am, however, noticing the longer evenings and am loving the fact that I can sneak a little trail run in after getting home from work – without needing to take a headtorch with me either. Right now, those runs are still short, but every week they can grow a little longer! 😀

  5. Gotta love the sunrise runs! Nice scenery you got there!

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