Sonnet for a foam roller

Yep. It’s foam rolling time. Loosening out my knots and bumps before race day.

Ouch! What choice words I would have to say to the inventor of said foam roller if I had their email address…

Instead, I thought I’d butcher some Shakespeare:

Alas! What pain my Roller brings forth,
Though even with such scope to dent my pride,
This instrument here is of more worth
Than what my unkind words say beside!
Oh! Blame me not, if I no more can roll!
Look in my mirror, there appears a face
That over-cast in pain describes the toll,
Dulling mine eyes, stripping my grace.
Why so painful, while striving to mend,
To release a muscle that before was unwell?
But for no other tool my legs will bend
Thanks to your graces my knots you do quell;
So more, much more, before I will sit
But my mirror, I no more look in it.


On a more serious note, foam rolling is one of the most painful but most beneficial exercises a runner can do. Akin to a combination of stretching and deep tissue massage, foam rolling provides serious myofascial release to ease out knots, smooth muscles and increase circulation. Great stuff for runners!

Happy running and rolling everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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  1. Haha that is awesome! I have been known to swear profusely and out loud while foam rolling. Hey, several psychological studies have shown that swearing increases our pain tolerance… I agree that it’s incredibly useful, but *bleep* it hurts!!!!

  2. Its a good pain but one I struggle with sometimes. I do it though and have the roller close by after a run.

  3. I love to roll out with my golf ball muscle roller, best roller i have ever used!! Lemme know what you think?

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