Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon : 4 days to go

The sneaky half is almost upon me, but I’m feeling ready. So far this week I’ve run twice, both have been hard sessions but not too much distance as I go through a ‘mini-taper’ before the half marathon on Sunday.

Yesterday’s run was along the beach in Forte dei Marmi. It’s the middle of winter in Europe but something aligned to provide a warm day and bright sunshine while on my work trip. After the day’s meetings I was able to go for a run along the coast as the sun set, in just shorts and a t-shirt. It’s been ages since I ran in just shorts and shirt, and even longer since I ran on a beach, and being an Aussie by birth both are something I’ve missed. There is just something special about running on the beach. The air, the smell, the rhythmic sound of the waves that seem to sympathise with the rhythm of your breathing…
Apologies to everyone for waxing lyrical just now – I had a moment but I’m over it.

It’s also hard on the beach. The sand absorbs your impact but robs you of any spring and your push-off is soaked up as the sand compresses behind you. I ran close to 4km on the beach but it felt like much more and I was glad to be on the road for the 4km back to my hotel.
This morning’s run was flat, shorter and away from the cloying sand. Forte dei Marmi is a coastal town and has a long, straight, perfectly flat road running parallel to the beach, which is perfect for speed work. This morning was cool and overcast, perfect running weather, and after roughly a one mile warmup I did 3x1km repeats with 1 1/2 minute walking between each rep. By staying on the beach side path I was able to run non-stop for each kilometre, something that is almost impossible when road running in my home town of London. That and a good tail wind are almost certainly the reason for setting a new 1km PB, but it was still nice to hit stop on my Garmin and have it flash up with a new record.

Tonight I will do some strength work on my glutes and hip flexors, with tomorrow being a very light recovery run of about 3km. Friday and Saturday are dedicated to rest, foam rolling and stretching. On Saturday I have signed up to volunteer at my local Parkrun as I’m not going to race, and I’m skipping football training just so I’m not tempted to get out there and chase the ball. Sometimes I think I might be part Kelpie because I just can’t help chasing the ball if it’s there…

All in all I’m feeling that despite the hiccough with my calf at the start of this marathon training schedule it is starting to come together and, with fingers fully crossed, this weekend’s half-marathon will go well and put me in good shape for a successful run in Paris.

Is anyone else racing this weekend?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I hope Silverstone goes well for you! 🙂

  2. I’m sure it will go well. What is your goal?

  3. Sounds like a nice place to run. Good luck with your race!

  4. Sounds like you’re good to go for Sunday. Have a great run! 🙂

  5. I was tempted to do Silverstone but chose the Reading Half instead because it is nearer and a crowd from my Tri Club are doing it…..also this Sunday. I am also in the “increased eating, decreased exercise” phase of the taper…..sounds like a life I lived ten years ago!!! Good luck to you on Sunday.

  6. All the best Bernie and I hope you enjoy volunteering at parkrun 🙂

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