Running recap, and : Still learning from my mistakes…

Life has been hectic lately, but I’m still getting some running in. It doesn’t resemble my marathon training plan that much, but at least I’m still running. More than I’ve been blogging at any rate…

Another thing I’ve noted is that I’m still learning. Unfortunately, largely through making mistakes…
Since my last post I’ve managed to keep up my ‘two-for-Tuesday‘ workout of hard run (usually hill sprints) followed by Yoga. I really like this combo – a hard run after my rest day, followed by an hour of enforced stretching and core work. I’m the first to admit it, I don’t stretch or do enough core work, so yoga is a good way for me to get in a flexibility and core workout.

Mental note #1: Stretch more. Like everyday, not just after a run.

My midweek run was in Italy again. Tough gig I know…

This time I was in Verona for work, and I decided that I would run up from the town centre where we were staying to the Santuario Madonna di Lourdes overlooking the town. When I got up at 06:00 I knew it was going to be a tough run. A long day the previous day, a longer dinner and (at least) one too many grappas meant I was not feeling my freshest.

Mental note #2: if your client buys a bottle of Grappa, join in and enjoy for the first couple, but then politely decline the third (and the fourth, fifth etc). Even if you’re not going for a run the next day…

Off I ran jogged trotted to the bottom of the hill where I had to walk almost immediately due to the steepness and my poor condition. Some half hour of walk-run-walk later I got the top – to find the Santuario gated and locked.

Here is the view I was hoping to see as dawn rose over Verona…


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Not wanting to just pack it in, I kept going past the Santuario and did a loop back into town, going past the Cathedral and the Arena. All in all, not a total waste of a sightseeing run, and there was the added benefit of sweating out some of the toxins from the night before…

Mental note #3: If you’re going for a run to see the sights, check the opening times beforehand…

Back home to London and this weekend’s running was much more productive. Saturday morning was my second Parkrun, and I wore my new ASICS FujiElite trail shoes. These have been kindly provided by ASICS UK for me to test, so I figured I’d try them out in a race scenario as well as seeing what they felt like on a combined pavement/woodland trail/gravel surface.

I have to say I was impressed. The tread pattern is aggressive, but the flat squares on top of the X-shaped lugs provided a flat surface underfoot for the pavement/packed gravel sections, while the depth and space between the lugs meant that traction on the loose gravel and woodland trail sections was excellent. The previous week I had run the same course in the same wet conditions and I was skating around the corners and struggling on the uphill sections of the woodland trail wearing my road shoes. I felt a bit like this guy:

Mental note #4: Road shoes made for high mileage are not good in the mud, or ice. Wear the right gear for the weather/terrain!

Sunday’s run was a LSD trail run (that’s long-slow-distance, not eating magic mushrooms along the trail). I live about a mile from one trail head and one-and-a-half miles from another, but decided to loop them both together by adding a short road section from the finish of the first to the other. Being predominantly trail, and seriously wet and muddy, I wore the ASICS FujiElite again. They are technically designed as a race shoe, but I figured I’d try them out for a longer run to see how they coped over bigger mileage.
To be honest, the shoes performed well. It was me who didn’t, not to begin with anyway. Being a racing last the shoes are a tight fit, but I made the rookie mistake of lacing up as if for a short run *and* wearing thick socks. Dumb!

Unsurprisingly, my right foot became sore from where the narrow last was compressing my arch. A pitstop on the side of the trail to loosen my laces and give my arch a massage was required, but after that I had no complaints and was able to get out the next 10+ miles without any issue.

Next time I’ll wear my thin wicking socks and lace-up for a long run, looser lacing over the mid-foot for comfortable feet in the latter stages.

Mental note #5: having the correct gear is only useful if you use it the right way.

Looking forwards it’s Silverstone half marathon in three weeks and Paris marathon in eight weeks. Gulp!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I am also taking Mental Note #1 to heart lately and am trying to get back into a daily yoga routine. It really does make such a huge difference in the way I feel when I stay stretched out and limber (ie I feel much older without it)!

  2. Love love love Italy!

  3. So many great moments in this post!

  4. Don’t you love challenges! As long as we keep learning, all will improve! Thanks Bernie. Great post!

    • Haha. Yes I love a challenge. I just wish so any of them weren’t self inflicted like ‘run up a mountain with a raging hangover’…
      My new found love for trails is opening another doorway though. There could be a 50k trail race in the offing. Now that sounds like a challenge!
      Thanks for the comment Tom.

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