How time flies!

Well the last few weeks have been hectic!

January is normally the time of year when you get to retreat into your shell and recover from whatever excesses you might have got up to in December, but I’ve been busier than normal.

Multiple work trips, an after-work class, an increase in training, social engagements with friends, quality date nights with Lovely Girlfriend, the start of the football pre-season and continuing running group on Saturdays has left me with little spare time and virtually no time for blogging. However, these are all good problems to have as it’s usually a positive sign if you have a busy life!

For instance, today I got to run along the coastline of Forte dei Marmi in Italy. A full-day factory inspection meant arriving late last night, allowing me to get in a dawn run before breakfast. Seeing the sun rising over the marble-filled mountains of the Carrara region was certainly uplifting and I’ll admit to spending some minutes during my run standing on the pier simply enjoying the view.
It’s runs like this that reaffirm my love for running and keep me thankful that I’m lucky enough to be able to do it whenever I want.

During lunch there was a second happy coincidence. When the other consultant asked me how my run was, upon hearing my response the factory manager Giuseppe (of course he has the most proper Italian name going around) turned to me and asked “You are a runner, yes?”

There was an intensity to his question and probing eyes that gave me the impression that he meant business and by ‘business’ I mean ‘serious running’. Next question out of his mouth was “What is your best time for the marathon?”.

Tell you what, I was glad to have been able to give an answer as I got the feeling Giuseppe doesn’t have the same attitude as I do about what being a ‘runner’ means…

Knowing he was obviously a ‘serious runner’ I asked him the same question. Turns out last year he placed first in his age group (65+) in the Lucca marathon. With a time of 3:13!

Impressed, I asked him how long he had been running. “Nine years, maybe ten, I think.”. My jaw made an audible sound as it hit the table…
Needless to say I was awestruck by this unassuming man who at over 65 runs sub-3:20 marathons! We ended up having a great discussion about running, why we enjoy it, favourite races etc. At the end of lunch we agreed that when I visit for the next inspection he will take me for a run with his running group. And yes, when I asked he agreed to run slow for me. I have the feeling running with Giuseppe could be akin to chasing a greyhound. One that has already seen the rabbit…
One thing we discussed was my next race. Paris is less than 11 weeks away, and while I feel pretty fit, the lack of long runs under my belt is making me a tad nervous. But I’ve got a plan from Mike at The Running School and if I follow it (and stay fit and healthy), I will arrive in Paris fit to race and complete. There won’t be a PB in Paris, but I like to think there is more to my running than just chasing PBs. However, don’t think I don’t crow about every PB I do get, just in case you were wondering…

Happy running everyone!


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  1. We always create time for what is important to us, right? 🙂

  2. I love meeting people like Giuseppe. I watched a 70 year old finish a half Ironman triathlon last year…..inspirational. It’s what I want to be like!!!

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