Wait. What?

Running rehab again today. Overall, good progress. My strength and glute/core activation is improving as is my form. However, seems my mental capacity isn’t, because I asked my trainer a stupid question…
“Can I do Parkrun AND my 10kRunning Group tomorrow morning?”
This was the look my trainer gave me:

Can’t blame him really. I knew it was a stupid question before I asked it, but it did serve to open the dialogue about Marathon de Paris, and it turns out that Paris is go!

After my rehab session I had a chat with Mike, the performance director (ie the Big Boss Man) at The Running School. From his training of both professional athletes and Average Joe runners like me, Mike understands that some people want to compete so long as they are able to, not just when they are 100%. Sure, I could spend six months doing a really good build-up, focussed training, workout schedules and all that sort of stuff and shoot for a PB in an Autumn marathon. However, for me, running is fun, and the time I achieve is less important to me than the doing. I may never beat my marathon PB ever again, but so long as I’m always running to the best of my ability that is what it’s about for me.

So, Mike understands that, and he’s building me a schedule which will get me to Paris in 11 weeks, able to compete. The focus will be on smart running to build strength and endurance without a repeat of my self-inflicted overuse injury. I’m looking forward to it!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering. Running Group was the answer. Parkrun is going to have to wait for at least another few weeks…

Happy running everyone!


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  1. The majority of my running friends suffer from a constant state of overuse injuries? My goal is to avoid all that this year. It’s tough once you reach a certain level.

    • I’m sure it’s because of the drive we all have to push ourselves, and the ‘edge’ that we keep ourselves on in the effort to get better, that makes us prone to going too far and getting an overuse injury. And that as runners we sometimes don’t listen to our bodies as well as we should in the hope it will go away…
      I hope you get through the year without injury. I’m classing my calf as being in last-years injury list, so I wouldn’t mind if 2014 is a year without injury as well! We’ll see how that goes…

  2. Please remove my photos of the polar bears from your site. Not sure where you copied them from. https://getgoing-getrunning.com/2013/11/20/two-for-tuesday-and-a-new-record/
    I see you’ve used it a few times. Not sure who removed my copyright and name from the image.

    • David. Apologies. I honestly don’t recall where I got the image from. Probably from some inane web search like ‘yoga fail’. I certainly didn’t meant to infringe or profit from the work. I shall remove it as soon as possible.

    • Dear David,
      The image has now been replaced and I have deleted the image of the polar bear with his (her?) head in the snow from my media library to preclude any future inadvertent use.
      Again, my apologies.

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