Shhhh. What’s that sound?

My mind grappled with the tune. Where had I heard it before? Why was it playing? What was the significance to me?
Why is there an elbow nudging me in the side?!?

My eyes snapped open. Alarm! Time to get out for a pre-dawn run, my first for this year. Ok, you got me. The first in two months. What? Sheesh! OK, OK! *Over* two months…

This sums up perfectly what was going on early this morning...

This sums up perfectly what was going on early this morning…

While my mind is obviously not ready for the early wake-ups, I feel like my body is getting there. I still have this glute/core activation issue, but the calf seems to have settled and in the last two weeks I’ve been able to get back into something approaching my normal exercise routine of a mix of running, strength training, cycling and yoga.

I’m still not meant to do long slow distance runs, so my workouts are generally intervals or hills, or a combination of both like this morning’s 7.5km around the park. It’s strange to me to go for a ‘long slow run’ of less than 10km on the weekend, but then do speed work and hills for almost the same distance during the week. It’s counter to my normal training to date of short runs midweek and long run on the weekend, but I’m trusting my rehab trainer who has assured me that I need to avoid long runs until my strength has improved enough to keep good form throughout the entire session.

The other good thing about getting back to my normal exercise routine is that I’m getting to test out all my new kit I got for Christmas!

This morning I was sporting my new Nike Aeroloft 800 running vest. Super warm thanks to the 800 loft down but not overly sweaty thanks to the laser-cut vent holes and lightweight wicking fabric between the down baffles. With a ‘real-feel’ of 7C/44F it was just right when worn over my 2XU base-layer (also new) and my running shirt (old and in need of replacement – there are rust marks in it from race-bib pins!). During the fast-running intervals the vest warmed up a lot, but cooled well in the walk breaks thanks to the extra ventilation.

Not me running. This guy goes way faster and looks a lot better doing it...

Not me running. This guy goes way faster and looks a lot better doing it…

I also got to use a cool function on my Garmin 620 – the intervals setting. For my workout of 1/1 ratio I simply set the run interval at one minute, the walk interval to the same and it beeps every time to let you know to run or walk. Next time I’ll also turn on vibrate as I missed a couple of the beeps when there was loud traffic about. Used in conjunction with the warm-up and cool-down setting, you simply start the timer, start moving and when you’re warmed up click the lap button and the intervals begin. Once you’re done with your intervals click the lap button again and the cool-down starts and is ended when you hit stop. Simple!


I’ll put up some more in-depth reviews of all of them, particularly the Garmin, when I’ve used them some more and can provide some meaningful feedback.

Also, I’ve decided that I am going to run Paris. I’m reworking a plan at the moment and it’s going to be a bit of an experiment. It will be purely quality over quantity. I don’t have the time to ramp up slowly to a 20mile run, plus I know (through bitter experience) that an overly-rapid increase in volume is the sure-fire way to get injured. Of course, any notion of a PB has been dropped. I’m going to be pushing it just to prepare for the distance, thinking of going fast would be foolish in the extreme!

In the meantime, it feels great to be back training regularly (even if I can’t go on epic runs) and getting myself fit again.

I hope everyone is enjoying their January running, and all the best to the Janathon’ers out there! Half way through, keep on going!


Happy running everyone!



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  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to recovering. Congrats Bernie!!!

  2. That is one impressive vest! Also, very exciting about running Paris.

  3. Ooh, I’ve been covering that vest! Glad you’re back at it!

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