Bernie’s Christmas tips for runners

This time of year magazines, newspapers and fitness and lifestyle websites are full of ‘How To’ advice on coping with Christmas.

How to eat properly. How to party properly. How to workout during the holidays. How many steps you need to take to work off a full turkey dinner with stuffing, potatoes, veg and all the trimmings (I think it’s something like to India and back).


And I think it’s all tosh.

To me, Christmas and New Years is about being with family, being thankful for our lot, celebrating the year past and the new one coming.

It’s not about fretting about how many calories are in the gravy you’re slathering over the turkey stuffing. It’s not about overanalysing the drop in mileage because you’ve taken a few extra days off. It’s not about turning down that nightcap with grandad because you want to run early in the morning.

If I had to write a list of Christmas ‘how to’ tips for runners it would go like this:

Eat. If you want to.

Drink. If you want to.

Be Merry. With Friends, Family, Strangers.

Of course if you have a race on New Year’s Day you will also need to Run.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Running everyone!


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  1. Bernie,
    I agree, the holidays are a time to relax a bit and over indulge a bit. I do try to keep my weight gain to 5lbs, but so far that has not been too difficult.
    I have been enjoying the eggnogg, cookies and other holiday treats. I have managed to hit the gym a few days a week and registered for my New Year’s day 10K yesterday!
    Merry Christmas,

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