Inspire me Wednesday #15 : How awkward…

OK, this week’s ‘Inspire me Wednesday‘ takes the form of parody and a lighter look at running, and our running-form foibles.

The YouTube comments section on this video seems to have a fair bit of banter going on, from people thinking it is hilarious to the odd person getting offended about people who think it is cruel to make fun of people and their running form. I don’t see it that way. This is runners making fun of ourselves! We need to be able to laugh at ourselves. I mean, half the population already think we’re crazy for lacing up and going running in the rain/heat/snow/dark/cold/desert/traffic because we want to, so let’s relax and just take it in our stride (pun intended).

Beginner, novice or hardened racer we’ve all had times where we run/ran awkwardly. I was beaten in the Athens marathon by an over-65 gentleman who had a stride that looked like it would be hard to get to the corner, let alone through 26.2 miles, but it worked for him. I’m pretty sure I was doing the ‘T-1000‘ for years until I relaxed and realised that looking like you’re sprinting when you’re pushing out 6min kms is hilarious for others but does very little for your running, and I know I’ve been the ‘Flightless Bird‘ near the end of some long runs! I just hope I’m never ‘The Geezer’!

So, sit back, have a laugh, and see if you can relate to any of these!

Hopefully you’ve had a laugh, and who knows, if you’ve been inspired to check out your form, here’s a couple of articles which are more serious about the subject:

Fixing Your Form A Half Mile At A Time –

The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes –

The Perfect Form –

Happy running everyone!


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