A weekend in the country and planning for 2014

I’ve just returned from a weekend in the country with my Lovely Girlfriend and a bunch of friends, some of which I only met for the first time on the drive up. We stayed at a farmhouse in Worcestershire (where the almost unpronounceable sauce comes from) and basically ate, drank and made merry!

pronounced not like it looks : ˈwʊs tərˌʃɪər, -ʃər'

Apparently pronounced ˈwʊs tərˌʃɪər’, not ‘whirr-sester-shire’ how us Aussies say it…

And there was a hot tub, which I must say it quite a treat when it is about 3degrees out! On Saturday morning a group of us went for a (slow, hangover riddled) run, a 7km loop along some narrow country lanes surrounded by fields, sheep and an amazing clear blue sky. Idyllic.

Worcestershire-sheepUntil we ran past the dead badger in the hedge, which left us gagging from the smell and with tears in our eyes. Certainly cleared out the sinuses though!

There were a couple of hills which were good to roll over, but I noticed I still have this calf issue going on, particularly when going downhill. I need to see my physio about it, as it doesn’t seem to be anything I can pinpoint, but I’m having a bit of trouble trying to organise treatment through my health insurance as the assessor and I continue to play telephone chasey.

On the good news front, my chiropractor has signed me off to stop treatment with her. My lower back/hip/SI joint issues are now resolved and she saw no further benefit in treatment. Now to deal with my calf muscle and I’ll be back to 100% and able to run at full capacity.


A very tidy running track, which looks flatter than it really was!

In that positive mindset I’m looking to my 2014 running calendar and it is starting to take shape. With the Paris Marathon on April 6th being a goal race (but maybe not my ‘A’ race due to current issues), I’ve got a half marathon in March (Adidas Silverstone half marathon) and I need to find 10k races for January and February.

In all likelihood there will be an autumn marathon as well, my NYC based running buddy are going to enter the ballot for both Chicago and NYC marathons and hope that we get into at least one of them. But then there’s also Marine Corp Marathon or the Disney runs about the same time too, so we’re not exactly lacking for choice! The only ‘rule’ is that after having raced Mallorca and Paris in my neck of the woods, it’s time to do a marathon in his part of the world. If anyone has any recommendations for races in the USA end of October 2014, preferably Eastern seaboard, please let me know!

And then there’s the ‘wish list’, which includes things like trying a trail race, maybe a half to start with. Oh, and an Obstacle Course Race at some point. Plus I’d like to try a 50km race as well. And also play a full season of AFL, which kind of gets in the way of running long distances. At age 35 I’m happy to say I’m still fit enough and fast enough to play, but the two or three day recoveries from the battering of the game is taking its toll and I’m thinking this is going to be my last year playing so I want it to be a good season. Which makes it even harder to squeeze in marathon training…

Oh the choices I am lucky and fortunate enough to have to make! I won’t do it all, but I’m not yet sure what to drop from the list…

Who else is already planning their 2014? What have you got in store?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Sounds like some really good running coming up for you in 2014. I hope the niggles fade away! My plans are coming along quite nicely, will be concentrating on half marathons next year. Hehe about the dead badger, running in the country here, there are always dead smells… possums, wallabies, road kill of all kinds. It’s the snakes that get my attention, I hope to only find squashed ones of those and not the alive and sliding version.

  2. Hi,

    Baystate marathon in Lowell, MA is in late October. They say about 25% of their runners qualify for Boston at this race. Very flat.
    You can also check http://www.findmymarathon.com for many US races.

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