Tough week, stronger return?


It’s been one of those weeks.


What I posted on my facebook page earlier tonight…

Well, not a week, but the last five days have been tough. Food poisoning followed by a work trip, and then today a 13-hour work day happened. I’ve been off running, off blogging, pretty much off my game in general!

Saturday night and Sunday were largely written off due to illness, and I was still unwell when I got up at 4:30am on Monday for my trip. However, as the only person attending from my company I had no option but to zip up my mansuit, drink a mug of concrete (metaphorically and literally – Imodium is a saviour) and get on with it. It was a good trip and ultimately successful from work’s perspective, but for me it was exhausting and also run-free.

I always try to run when on trips away, both to get in the exercise but also to ‘ground’ myself and to try and see the place from a different perspective. I took my running gear but the exhaustion and dehydration that comes with an upset stomach was a definite ‘no’ to running. At least I kept up with my 30 day Hip Flexor and Glute Challenge (Monday was a rest day thankfully!).

I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off running and recover my energy. And my weight. I was happy with my weight but I lost 3kg in the last five days so I need to get it back. It’s mostly water weight, so I’m (unfortunately) not going to be able to eat like a sumo wrestler for the next few days.

Looking forwards, this weekend I’m away for a country weekend with Lovely Girlfriend and a bunch of friends and a run in the wilds of the Cotswolds is definitely on the agenda. That will make it a week between runs, which is the first time I’ve had that long between a run since January when I got plantar fasciitis. Bummer!

However, no one ever died from a week off running, but many people have come back stronger.

Certainly my glutes will be stronger. I think I need to do 120 squats when I get home…

How is everyone else’s week panning out?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Urgh! Sorry to hear about your rough week…. roll on the weekend!

  2. Sorry I’m late looking at this. I hope all is well and you enjoyed your time with LG! 🙂 Hopefully you are fully recovered and moving forward!

    • Thanks Tom. Weekend away was fantastic and very relaxing.
      Not yet fully recovered, but getting close. Just trying to organise physio with my insurance, which you of all people know can be an exercise in frustration all itself!

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