Being filmed while running : What?!?

I read this article ‘The Runners: why we interviewed people jogging for a film‘, about interviewing runners on their morning jog, and how they were so open to these strangers questions, and it got me thinking – Why would these runners be so open? 

Is it like the film makers say, that runners have some form of ‘extra focus’ that lets them answer the tough questions while running?

Or is it maybe that the people who are out running month in, month out, are able to answer these tough questions because they already ask tough questions of themselves on a regular basis?

Or maybe runners are more trusting of others who seem interested in what they are doing, because they know that if you meet someone else running you already share membership in a community that welcomes all comers?

Or could it be that runners tend to get into that mental state, a kind of zen, where having the answers and being able to share them comes easily?

I’m not really sure exactly. I don’t have the answers. But for some reason I’m not surprised…

Here’s the film:

Why do you think these runners could open up about the really big questions and answers in their lives?


Happy running everyone!


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  1. Love the 2:45 marathon chick…watched her run and thought, “Damn, she is fast!” then saw her marathon goal!

    • She wasn’t even phased by it either! I struggle to get under four hours and she’s just breezing around with a goal to be more than an hour faster than me. Colour me green…
      I also liked the guy who just loved his dad so much the only way he could express it was to open his arms as wide as he could, hoping to hug the world.

  2. Wow, that was just so amazing. This running community of ours is made up of so many wonderful people. Had tears in my eyes.

    • I found the teacher who hadn’t had the chance/opportunity to have children especially moving. You could tell it was her one big regret.
      “Take care of the present, because it’s all you’ve got.”

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