Not much running, not much blogging, and some little unwanted visitors

I guess I could just leave it at the title; it sums up the last two-and-a-half weeks since the Palma de Mallorca Marathon pretty well.

Not much running” is semi-planned. I’m meant to be in a reverse taper so the number of runs and lengths are slowly increasing back up to base level. However, I’ve not been running even that much.

Niggles are the reason. Little Mogwais that are making me tell myself I shouldn’t be pushing too hard to get back to training in case they turn into full on Gremlins.

Yep. Cheeky little bugger threatening to be bad after midnight…

Which is sound advice if I do say so myself, however if I’m going to be brutally honest, I’m crying off training because I’m enjoying being lazy too much! I could be cross training, doing weights, cycling, rowing or anything, but I’m hiding behind the flimsy excuse of my little Mogwais:

Mogwai #1: Right calf pain

Mogwai #2: Left Quad tightness

Mogwai #3: Right ITB tightness

Mogwai #4: Left SI joint

I obviously have a problem in my kinetic chain. Where? No idea. It’s probably something I had going into the marathon but I was able to cope thanks to the ‘progressive load’ of my training. However, the ‘overload’ of the marathon and subsequent rest period has allowed everything to settle and these little mogwais to make themselves known.

Surprise! What, you're not happy to see me?

Surprise! What, you’re not happy to see me?

The plan is to get to my chiropractor as soon as possible, and focus on making sure my back and hips are aligned and moving correctly to eliminate that as a source of my niggles.

What that means is that running is going to have to be put on the back burner for the time being (except for my running group) so I don’t exacerbate any of these little mogwais and turn them into full blown gremlins. I do however need to get back into my cross training! Bad Bernie!

What happens when I eat after midnight...

No gremlins wanted!

Not much blogging” was less planned. I had put a lot of things into a holding pattern before the marathon and they have needed my attention, I also have my running group training and routes to plan, and also a few ‘life admin’ things to attend to.

I’m completing my permanent residency for the UK at the end of the year, so have just had to do a “Life in the UK” test as a precursor to submitting my application. Lots of study on the history and culture of the United Kingdom. All the history and political content made me feel like being back in high-school again. And I still don’t know which number wife Anne Boleyn was…

As well as that I’ve had to obtain a new safety accreditation for work so lots of cram studying was needed in the last week. I sat the test on Tuesday and passed, so that’s sorted for the next couple of years.

Now the next thing I’ve got to concentrate on is my residency application. That is going to take a bit of work over the next month, so it looks like “not much blogging” is going to be my M.O. for the next little bit. Oh well, ho hum!

Now onto other news. I seem to have a memory problem. You know that Bill Rogers saying “don’t run another marathon until you’ve forgotten the last one”?.


I must have selective amnesia or something because Mallorca was only two-and-a-half weeks ago however on the weekend I registered for the Paris Marathon for April 2014.

I definitely need to rid myself of those little Mogwais!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I’m pretty sure I’d fail that ‘Life in the UK’ test… best of luck with it! 🙂

    • It is quite a good read. Being an Aussie I’m pretty much up to speed with UK culture. It so I thought!
      Do you know what Ulster Fry is? Or that the ATM was invented here, with the first one being installed in Enfield? Or why the “100 years war” was actually 116 years long? I do now. I just don’t know what knowing any of that has to do with being a good citizen!

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