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Today I was going to post a recap of my marathon, however when I opened my dashboard in WordPress I noticed an interesting fact.

99 posts. 

99 posts. That got me thinking. The next post would be 100 posts. Did that mean anything? I decided it did. Not really the number itself, but what the number represents. I see it as a milestone, a marker point along a journey, one I didn’t know where I was being taken, nor who I would meet along the way. And I think that’s the crux of it, really.


Some 6 months ago I started this blog, when I was injured. I’d been off running for several weeks already and I figured that if I couldn’t be running, I may as well be talking about running. Maybe that’s a puerile thing to say but I embarked on the blog anyway. With absolutely no clue about what I was doing or how to do it – I figured I would learn along the way. So here I am, 100 posts later still without much of a clue, but thankfully free of injury!

Anyway, I digress. What this post is really about is not about what started me blogging, but why I keep blogging. And the answer really is simple. You. I didn’t know what to expect when I started blogging, however the one big thing I hadn’t even imagined when I started blogging was the people that *make* blogging. You guys. I had no idea that out there is a fantastic group of bloggers who run, all with their own amazing blogs, all part of a real community. And you all welcomed me into to the fold, shared your story, and joined in mine.

Ok, this is turning into a schmaltz-fest reminiscent of a late-90s Oscars award speech so I’ll wrap it up here with a “Thanks everyone for reading!” and a list of some of my favourite blogs that I’ve come across to date. These people have all got amazing stories, sometimes funny, almost always inspiring, and they are top people to boot, and they have become an important part of my blog world. Unfortunately, I can’t list everyone on my reading list, because, well, I’d be here until it was time to be writing my 200th post…

In no particular order:

  1. Tom from 278toBoston. Tom’s story about why he started running is just great; he is a prolific poster and a thoughtful and frequent commenter.
  2. Anne-Marie from Unsporty Women Can Run. Anne-Marie, who is now a SportyWoman by the way, has progressed from self-confessed ‘unsporty’ to being about to run the world’s toughest half marathon.
  3. Maybe Marathoner. Always insightful, and always hilarious. And she has a bad dog who’s actually a good dog in disguise.
  4. Relentless Forward Commotion. Interested in OCR? Get your fill here with some great race recaps, reviews and a super story along the way.
  5. Andy from Imarunnerandsocanyou. Andy has a great blog, and is quite the authority on racing in and around the North East of the US, not to mention a pretty handy marathoner as well.
  6. CJ from One Day at a Time. About to embark on her NYC marathon adventure, CJ has been taking it one day at a time as she gets back into running.
  7. Mind Margins. Angela is a runner and outdoor enthusiast who just happens to have a very different goal for the time being.
  8. Miss.Onceuponamarathon. An avid cook who happens to like the odd marathon. Or is it the other way around? Now she is recovering from injury, she’s also become a handy distance swimmer too!
  9. From Snickers to Marathon. A self confessed couch potato turned fitness fanatic, OCR devotee and marathoner.
  10. Laura from Lazy Girl Running. Laura has taken herself off the sofa and into running, then swimming and cycling. With marathons and other things along the way, Laura recently completed her first Ironman 70.3. Laura is also the inspiration behind the Running Group my friend and I have started – my girlfriend is a member of Laura’s running group!
  11. Tartan Jogger. Much to love about the adventures in slow running of this Scottish lass, who doesn’t mind a bit of fancy dress while running some of her (not so slow) untimed runs she squeezes between her altogether more competitive endeavours.
  12. Angry Jogger. There is nothing like reading a post by Matt to split your sides. And this guy doesn’t shy away from telling some home truths about how it is to be an Angry Jogger. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt from Matt is to always check what I’m wiping with…

So, onwards to the 101st post. I really need to get my race recap written…

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Congratulations on spending your 100th post on others- I feel honoured to be included 🙂 I’m looking forward to your marathon report, and your next 100 posts! 👍

  2. Perfect 100th post! It takes time to link to all those blogs and to write a description of each…can’t wait to meet some new bloggers, and thanks for the shoutout! Just got back from running the BAD dog with my new waist belt—he lunged for a squirrel and made me pee my pants. 😦

    • Thanks!
      There’s a good dog on there I’m sure!

    • Sorry! *in* there! WordPress app playing tricks on me.

      When I was young I used to run with my parents German Shepherd, until he took me with him when he chased a rabbit one time. Cut up ear from being dragged on the ground and no more running with dogs until I got my own dog some 10 years later. I was able to train her to run with me off the lead, 2 steps behind me to the right – she was a sheepdog so chasing like that was in her nature.
      I hope you find your solution soon!

  3. Congrats on 100 posts and thanks for the recommendations!

  4. Thanks for the kudos! And congrats on your 100 posts! That is really exciting!

  5. How was the marathon by the way?? And I understand you on the blogging with an injury. I think it served me well, even though I had no intentions of my blog sort of turning into this “injury blog”!!

    • The marathon was good, but tough. I had a cold and it was 95% humidity for the first few hours and I hit the wall hard at 36km, but I got through. Recovery has been really good though. I’m ready to run again, but I’m still trying to shake this cold!
      Gotcha on the whole injury thing. I hope you’re up and running to your full potential soon!

  6. Wow, thanks Bernie, I’m feeling very honoured and humbled.

    Happy 100th post, here’s to many many more 🙂

  7. Thanks Bernie. I appreciate being in the list. You have a great blog and I’ve learned so much from reading it and from your comments on my blog. I look forward the next 100!

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