Marathon Palma de Mallorca 2013


Now that was a tough one!
I learnt today that my ‘hitting the wall’ in my previous two marathons were in fact merely bonks and a drop in pace.

In today’s race kilometre 36 included a spectacular blowout complete with dizziness, goosebumps, loss of focus, numb hands and tingling arms and a slow down to a staggering walk. The last 6km was a run-walk affair, but I got there in the end.

Not my best race however given the fact I had a cold and was popping Sudafed throughout the race (shhh – don’t tell my doctor), I’m really happy that I managed to pull it together after ‘the wall’ to complete.

I’ll put up a proper race recap and a race review once I get back to London, but for now I’m going to enjoy the post race tapas, some Cava, and beers. Many beers…

I hope everyone else’s races went well this weekend, and for those who did, I really hope you avoided the wall. Because now I know what ‘the wall’ really is I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Awesome getting through the dreaded wall! Enjoy the many many beers, you’ve earned them! 🙂

  2. Oh, wow, well done! Hope you are feeling OK now 😀

    • Thanks! Post race recovery has been pretty good. Not in much pain, just stiff and a bit of soreness in my quads, no injury issues at this stage.
      I had trained for roughly 20 minutes faster race time so I hope my recovery will be good. It was having a cold and the unseasonal heat and humidity that blew my race apart. Well, that and going out in the first half like I didn’t have a cold and it wasn’t a hot day…the second half was 19 minutes longer than the first. That’s an average fade of almost a minute per km, most of which came in the last 6km!

  3. As Ronald Reagan might have said: Bernie, now take down this wall! LOL.
    Sounds like we both had a tough race. I had a few moments when I felt “altered” also. It felt like I had consumed a six pack of beer. I knew my mind wasn’t strait and I could have stumbled or quit. Some how I snapped out of it and kept going.
    Those Sudafeds definatly did not help you any. When I was in my early teens my buddy and I used to take several of those to get high. It made us space cadets any way!
    Looking forward to your re-cap. And while Ronal Reagan had a few funny things to say, I only agreed with him maybe 5% of the time. He did say “Good morning” quite often! 😉

    • Haha! Indeed.
      Not a good race. But without the sudafed to stop the mucous and running nose I doubt I would have made it. Running a marathon smacked up on sudafed is not the right way to go about it!

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