Aaah Chooo – “The Dreaded Lurgi” strikes!

Aaah Chooo…

The Dreaded Lurgi might well be a fictional disease from The Goon Show, but I can tell you whatever I have is annoyingly real!


Now is not the time to get a cold!

It started on Tuesday, a little niggle at the back of the throat. Wednesday was worse, but I figured it was minor so I would lick it quickly (I rarely have colds that last more than 36 hours). I had yesterday off work so was hoping that the extra rest would allow me to kick it.

48 hours out and it is still hanging around, and if anything my throat is sorer and I am sneezing more.


However, I feel (hope, pray, plead?) that this is the worst day and tomorrow I’ll be fine, leaving me (just) enough time to get back to full strength before Sunday’s race.

One positive to take out of it – the cold is not affecting my appetite, so I am still able to carbo-load according to plan – “Feed a cold, starve a fever” and all that…

Stupid colds…


Happy running (and being illness free) everyone!


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  1. Oh no! I’ll be praying you get over this today and have a great race.

  2. Agh! Heal quickly…keeping my fingers crossed that it passes before the race.

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