Running Gear : New Shoes for the Marathon


Every runner loves a new pair of shoes…

I’ve (finally) received the delivery of my shoes for the marathon – a new pair of ASICS-GelExcel33 2. They’re even in snazzy ‘limited edition’ blue and green. Because this will of course make me go faster on race day…




Keen readers will note that apart from the colour difference, these are EXACTLY the same pair of shoes that I talked about buying last time I posted a shoe review. What can I say, I’m a runner. There is one thing I’m NOT going to do just before a marathon and that is change my model of shoes!




So, while these aren’t the fastest of shoes, they seem to work well for me and I have a new pair for the marathon, still full of support and shock absorption. I would have preferred to have had them last week so I could do about 50km in them, but internet deliveries which say 4 days, sometimes aren’t.


However, this is the third pair of these shoes I’ve had, so I know my feet fit them fine and, crucially, they don’t give me any hotspots. Just to be sure I’m going to wear them as much as possible between now and the marathon, along with my 3 easy runs this week, to help bed them in.

Seeing as I’ve had three pairs now I guess I should probably get around to giving  review of them. But that can wait until after the marathon where we’ll see if blue and green do go faster than boring white…

Happy running everyone!


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