Marathon training week 16 : The Two-Times Taper

No, I’m not doing some form of double taper. In fact, I don’t even know what that would be (the semantics of increasing something that is decreasing always escapes me), I’m referring to starting my taper period as well as having to tape up my toes because of my annoying niggle.

Taper x 1: The toe taping: 

If you saw Saturday’s post I’m suffering from an ‘injury’ which is causing a lot of pain in my two smallest toes in my right foot. The pain was significant enough after my Thursday 10miler that on Friday I wore trainers to work. A great look. Not.

At least they weren’t my Adidas Adios trainers with the hypercolour laces. No, wait…

I swear this is a #nofilter photo. They really do glow like that!

I swear this is a #nofilter photo. They really do glow like that!

Anyway, thanks to some useful advice from 278toBoston and Running To Her Dreams, I placed a corn pad over the painful callous and joint, and then taped over with a plaster. It did feel strange having a wodge of material between my two outer toes but it did alleviate the pressure. I spent all Saturday like that, and even with the standing and walking from being out on Saturday night (sigh, also in the hypercolour trainers) the pain was still vastly reduced. Yesterday’s run featured the corn pad again and, while not pain free, was a lot less painful than my 10miler on Thursday, in fact even less painful than the 8km I did on Friday morning. Thanks for the suggestion Tom, it seems to be working!

Taper x 2: the actual running bit:

The Palma de Mallorca marathon is in two weeks; and last week was the first week of my taper. My week still included the usual ‘hard’ running, but with reduced mileage so my body can recover and hopefully start to peak for the 20th of October.

Yesterday’s run was 20km, and thanks to the improvement with my toes, I was able to push on and complete a ‘3/1 workout’ with a quarter of the run being at marathon pace. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. My toe issue is annoying, but that’s all it is, an annoyance. It’s not something that would stop me racing. The rest of my running seems to be going pretty well and *touch wood* I’ve not got any other niggles to worry about.

It's hard not to enjoy a run when it's like this...

It’s hard not to enjoy a run when it’s like this…

Looking forwards to this week, I’m anticipating enjoying my running. The plan is further reduced mileage, and is what I call ‘metronome week’. Every run will be at marathon pace to hone my pacing and help me get ‘sharp’ for the race. A friend of mine (a Boston finisher) put me onto this trick, and I’m sure I’ve read about it before as well, I just can’t remember where. Does anyone else do this?

Unrelated (and maybe more interesting?) news:

Myself and my friend Matt (a personal trainer with Revolution Studios) are starting a social running group in London. It’s aimed at beginner runners who want to keep fit and take on a physical challenge over the winter. The goal of the group is to complete a Half Marathon in March 2014, but there is also a 10k race in February as part of the schedule, perfect for those who do not want to take on the challenge of the half marathon just yet.

While I’ve been in running groups before, it will be the first time that I’ve been helping to lead one. Thankfully Matt is a qualified personal trainer so knows all about coaching and motivation, and I’ve done my fair share of running and being coached so hopefully combined we’ll run a good group! For anyone who is reading and wants to join the group, head over to my Facebook page, ‘like’ the page and send me a message. We’ll be starting on 26th October and anyone is welcome, be this the first time you’ve thought about going 10k/half marathon, or if you’re a seasoned racer and are looking for a fun social running group for the winter months.

Happy running everyone!


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  1. You were such a huge help to me on my marathon training, I’m glad I was help to you on this. You helped me with everything from training to tapering to recovering from the marathon and I helped you with a corn pad. I think I owe you one more. 🙂
    Thanks for everything Bernie.

    • Hey Tom, “it’s the simple things in life that are often the best”. I went from intense pain on Wednesday night and doubts about my race to a successful run on Sunday where everything seemed on the up. It might have only been a corn pad but it helped me more than you’d think. Thanks again.

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