Thursday Training Tip #7 : Arm posture and swing for runners

Running isn’t all about your legs. A strong core and a good arm swing will lead to greater efficiency and improved running.

This weeks training tip is a great exercise for focussing on your arm posture and swing and to help you build a strong and efficient arm swing. Get your ‘dogbones’ going!

There are 3 progressions.

  1. Start off with feet shoulder width apart, doing 30 seconds at a time for 3 sets. Remember your balance on the front of the feet, good pose and head square to shoulders looking about 30 feet ahead of you. Your arms should move forwards and backwards, not twisting around your body. Once you can do this set easily without balance issues, go to the second progression.
  2. With feet in line, work up to 3 sets, each one lasting a minute. Balance will be harder, and make sure you’re not inducing twist through your torso and your knees. Once you can do this progression, go to the third progression
  3. With one foot in the air, work up to 2 sets per foot of one minute each. This will really test your balance and make sure you don’t have any twist through your knees and hips. If you’re leg is swinging around behind you like a puppy’s tail, you need to go back to level two and focus more on arms going forwards and backwards, without twisting around your torso.

P.s. If you don’t have little dumbbell weights, use cans of baked beans like I do!

Happy running everyone!


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