Two-for-Tuesday : Where my running is OK, but I’m rubbish at yoga

Last night I did another ‘Two-for-Tuesday’, a run followed by a yoga class.

The run was fine, though I did have heavy legs from my 20 miler on Sunday. The yoga, a different story altogether. My poses and flow are, well, downright awful, so there’s still none of this happening:


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This week the instructor (is the correct term ‘Yogi’?) threw a few more advanced moves in, which were balance/strength moves. Much to my surprise I found I could do some of these as they relied more on core and upper body strength (which I train for) than flexibility (which I obviously don’t train enough for!). I managed to do a shoulder stand, a headstand and ‘crow pose’ which should be called ‘demented crab’ – you lean forwards onto straight arms and then rest your knees into your armpits, making you look like you want to scuttle around the room like, well, a demented crab…

Overall there was some improvement from last week, but being honest, I’m still at ‘awkward panda’ stage and going to be for some time.


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We’ll see what next week brings…

Do you do yoga or pilates as part of your training schedule? How do you find it helps your running?

Happy running everyone!


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the yoga!

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