Dear Santa…

My name is Bernie and I live in a big city called London. But you already knew that.

I live in a house in a street with my cat. She is only little, but she is growing really big! But you already knew that too.

I’ve been a good boy all year, I have been good at my work, good at football, good with my running, and good and kind to people and give up my seat on the bus for the older people and the pregnant ladies and everything. I even did a race for charity. Hopefully you knew all that.

The reason I’m writing is because for my Christmas present I just want this:


A Garmin Forerunner 620 with the HRM-Run. ‘Coz it is really cool and awesome and has some tricksy stuff in it that will make me a better runner. And also ‘coz it looks really cool.

Anyway, I hope it’s nice weather in the North Pole and the Elves have made sure all the presents are well packed and the sled is oiled and the vet managed to sort out Rudolph’s nose. You know, with the glowing and all that.



P.S. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Mr Pete Larson from Runblogger wrote about this cool watch the other day on his website.

P.P.S. I know that you ate all the cookies I left out last year, and those from all my friend’s houses. So if, you know, need to lose a couple of pounds, I write a blog about running, and also have a Facebook page and you can even ‘connect’ with me on my Garmin profile. Do they have GPS in the North Pole?

About getgoing-getrunning

Hi, I’m Bernie and I’m a just guy who writes about the things which get me going and get me running, even though my running is never going to result in me standing on a podium!

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  1. Nice letter … I’ve asked Santa for a Garmin too. Good luck!! 🙂

  2. I too am salivating over that watch! I just KNOW it will make me a better runner!

  3. Great post. I like the creativity! You deserve that watch. 🙂

  4. Wow, they look good. I bought Husband a Garmin 610 a few months ago, it looks really chunky in comparison. I hope you get your Christmas wish.

  5. Nice watch! I bought the 810 at the Boston Marathon Expo this year. And I thought that was a cool watch.
    Good luck with Santa, and keep on running.

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