Running: Cheap or Costly?

I think running should cost you. And I don’t mean in monetary terms for buying kit. Like Patrick from ‘Run5kaday’, I mean by running having a ‘cost’ it therefore can be ascribed a ‘value’.
Be it time, physical or emotional cost – it should cost you something. If you reach a point where you see no cost, you see no value. Very few people will continue the pursuit of a valueless item.
Run until it hurts, push your boundaries, lament your inability to run as far/fast as you want, but never give up, keep chasing your goals.
Know that the more it costs you, the more value it has.

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Running: Cheap or Costly?

by Patrick Reed

How much does running cost you? I don’t mean in terms of dollars and cents. For certain, ours is an inexpensive sport when it comes to the pocket book. Even the runner bedecked with the top of the trade Garmin Fenix GPS watch ($395), a set of Jabra bluetooth enabled wireless headphones ($100), the latest Nike Air Max 95 etc., etc., etc., ($149 on sale — shown below:), and all the other latest gear — say $100 for shorts for the year, $200 for tops and a $150 sweatsuit — all of that comes down to a monthly expenditure of less than $92 a month. Okay, that is almost 22 vanilla lattes a month – gulp! Still, compared to that new elite performance tennis racket or set of golf clubs — not to mention greens fees/club fees., etc., and we are well outspent…

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Hi, I’m Bernie and I’m a just guy who writes about the things which get me going and get me running, even though my running is never going to result in me standing on a podium!

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  1. I spend more money on running than I do on regular clothes–and I love it! I think most serious runners are the same.

  2. For me, running is like any other hobby/activity, it can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it. I know people who have to get the newest gadgets and watches when they come out. I personally don’t spend too much on clothes as I just tend to wear the shirts I get from races.

    • Especially if you’re a cyclist like you. I was at the international triathlon event in London today, and while most of the kit the competitors wear is pretty ‘standard’ stuff, those bikes look like you could buy a small car for that price.

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