Marathon training week 12 : Running on vacation or a vacation from running?

A very quick post as wifi time is limited! Just like my running!

While I have got my running kit with me, there’s only been the one run, done in San Sebastián, a long-slow 20km around the bay taking in both hills.


This was a great run, loads of sights, some off road parts, and serious elevation. I think about 275 metres of elevation in total. Needless to say, my calf muscles were trashed after that run.


Running in Rome just didn’t happen, for two main reasons:
1) A foot pain flare up. Not plantar fasciitis, but in the area. Most likely a hangover from the hill running in San Sebastián, compounded by all the walking on cobbled roads in Rome.
2) Finding the time! Rome is a huge place and with all the touring around I was both out of time and out of energy!


Today I’m down in Positano after a long drive, and am hoping for a run tomorrow, dependant on foot pain of course! Here’s hoping I get into the hills!


Happy running everyone!


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  1. It looks so beautiful there! I always take my running gear when I’m on vacation, with the best of intentions, but we rarely have relaxing vacations and try to cram in as much sightseeing, hiking, etc as we can. Running usually takes a backseat, if only because of a lack of time and energy, but that’s okay. Walking counts, too.

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