Marathon Training : M minus 6 (and it’s holiday time!)

OK, I’ll try to keep this post about running, but the real reason I’m writing is to let you know that I’m going to be off the blog for a while as I’m going on holiday.

OK, you’ve seen through me. The real reason I’m writing is not to tell you I’m off the blog, it’s really to brag about going on holiday. San Sebastian, Rome and Positano over the next 8 days. I’m a lucky bugger aren’t I? And I intend to run in all of them. In fact, my running gear was the first thing to go in the case. Mainly because it’s the easiest stuff to pack!

san sebastian seaside from the hilltop

San Sebastian – Around the bay from hill top to hill top. Sounds easy, right?

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Now that I’ve got my horrid ‘yay for me’ bit out of the way, onto running…

After my bonked run on Saturday, I had a couple of rest days and went out on Tuesday for a threshold session. I’ll admit there was a little trepidation. Would my legs be sore? Would I still be fatigued? Well, it would appear that despite the bonked run, the TLT training I have been doing is working. I ran slowly for about 2km as a warm-up, then did a 5km threshold run doing two laps around my local park. I managed to knock about 20 seconds off my current 5km PR. Wait – disclosure follows –this is an ‘AG’  PR – i.e. After Garmin. I’m sure about 15 years ago I ran 5kms in about 21 minutes, so technically my 23.52 the other night is not a PR, but I have no proof other than my memory that I have ever done a 5km in 21 minutes. So I’m sticking with my new PR. At least I can prove that one!

Spanish Steps - Stairs workout anyone?

Spanish Steps – Stairs workout anyone?

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Wednesday’s run was a medium run, about 13.5km from work to home, taking in the scene of Saturday’s disaster run, RegentsPark and Regents canal. This time, no worries. Outside of the warm-up and cool down, the whole run was done at race pace without any dramas. Sometimes it is good to revisit the scene of a disaster run, if only to prove to yourself that the route isn’t ‘cursed’ and it truly was just a simple case of a bad run.

Yesterday’s run was an early morning affair, with a plan for about 6.5km. If you caught my post from yesterday, it was a cracker of a run. Early morning, foggy, very few others about. One of those uplifting runs which remind you why you run. I felt surprisingly good during the run as well, carrying very little fatigue from the night before. I also did something which I don’t get to do very often, especially in a marathon build-up. I ran without purpose. Some might refer to these runs as ‘utility runs’. Runs you have to do for mileage, but without a specific intent. Not threshold training, not intervals, not pacing. Just a run, run at a pace that you feel good at. Knowing I had no real ‘intent’ for this run, I took a cue from the sombre morning, turned off the beep on my garmin, set it going (I can’t ‘unplug’ myself that much!), changed the display to the time (no pace, no heart race, no distance), and set off into the cool morning fog. 42-or-so minutes of blissful running later I arrived back on my doorstep, feeling refreshed about running and ready to tackle the day.

Positano – Do they paint the houses the colour of Gelato, or is the Gelato coloured to match the houses?

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So, I’m away for a week or so. I’ll try to keep up the running, and maybe post the odd photo here and there. Like if I make it to the top of the hill in San Sebastian, or find the Spanish Steps in Rome un-crowded enough to actually run up them, or if I decide not to just eat more Gelato and instead go for a run in Positano…

Happy running everyone, and all the best for those racing this weekend!

Happy running everyone!


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  1. Wow, you just had to rub it in, huh? So jealous. Have a fantastic vacation and hope you manage to get in a few good runs. Or not. It’s all good!

    • Yeah I know! Quite a self centred post ;-).

      Great run today. 20km around the bay of San Sebastián taking in the summits of both hills. I think about 1000 feet of elevation in total. And some stunning views.

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