Inspire me Wednesday #4

I find it amazing and inspiring to see ordinary people try and then succeed in improving their own health and life by developing a passion and working towards a goal. Those who do it in order to try and improve the life of others are even more worthy of adulation.

In 2008, Roger set out on a quest to lose weight, get healthy and eventually run in the Boston Marathon. But not just for himself, for his niece who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. His goal was to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, along with raising money for research into the treatment and cure of this heartbreaking disease. This video highlights his incredible journey at age 47, from obesity to accomplished marathon runner.

Roger is a humble man, and continues to run marathons to this day to raise money for CF research. He works tirelessly to spread the message that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

On November 6, 2011 Roger ran the New York City Marathon. It was his 12th marathon in the 2.5 years since he ran the 2009 Boston Marathon.

Happy (and inspired) running everyone!


Get Going, Get Running!

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  1. Very inspirational! Thanks for posting.

    • You know what, I thought of your story when I saw this and it made me think of all the people in the world for whom running has been a life-changer!

      • Thank you. Running has been a life saver for me (and so many others). I do appreciate the advice you give to help injuries. Great help.

      • Well done on your running and the improvement to your life. It’s your drive and challenge that first got me reading your blog.
        About the training/injury tips – Your welcome. I’m by no means an expert, but after many years of running, and probably more crucially, many years of Australian Rules Football (tackling not as ferocious as NFL, but we don’t have armour) I’ve had to learn how to manage/maintain injuries through a season. Lots and lots of osmosis learning from the physiotherapist and reading up on recovery methods. All the best for smoothing out your kinks and for a great race.

  2. Had to get the tissues out. What a lot of work he’s done to transform himself. His love for his niece must be very strong.

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